Extensive Expertise

INTDV is a pioneering software company, where experts integrate business with technology and people, using the latest global Machine Learning and AI technologies. We are a highly modern brand utilizing high-end technologies.

INTDV is a robust developer of AI and ML solutions for businesses that play vital roles in the most important aspects of life worldwide. We have the quality, value, time, funds, and most importantly the highly professional team with degrees from well-known universities and high experiences with open source and commercial software.

Internationally Present

INTDV has originated a sturdy business entity in the MENA region and is heading relentlessly towards Europe and North America for delivering its cutting-edge products and services.

We are headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and we have extended our business with
branches in Cairo, Egypt, and Dubai, United Arab of Emirates. Currently, we are preparing for the opening of our two new branches in Berlin, Germany, and New York, United States of America.

Our Partners

A powerful exchange between IBM and INTDV has been happening since 2017.

A powerful exchange between Microsoft and INTDV has been happening since 2017.