Achieve is set up for easy tracking of users, hassle-free assignment, assessment, and communication. It is designed in a
way that is intuitive and inspires the learners to stay involved and engaged in their online course experience, as well as
focused on the content and their unique educational journey. Achieve connects branches to each other effectively, and
allows your staff to professionally collaborate anywhere quickly and securely.

We offer a proven solution with a track record of saving time and effort, improving compliance, and dramatically reducing
the complexity of managing Special Education programs.

Easy to Configure Custom

We offer a flexible application
that can be fully configured to
suit your needs and an array of
custom features. We deliver
the functionality you need.

Flexible Learning

A course can be set up to
allow for rolling enrollments
so that due dates are set at a
predefined amount of time
from an enrollment date.

Effective Administration

It enables the administrator
to take on a generic role within
the course to see the course
from that perspective. It allows
him to view the course as learners
or any other user type.

Group Management

Enables LMS administrators
to perform routine administration tasks; such as creating or
searching for users and groups,
and assigning users to roles.


Unless disabled by the admin, instructors, learners, and other users can send and receive notifications
and messages about assignments,
discussions, etc.

LMS Library

We offer a reference and an open library of all lessons for all learners, with unlimited access to eLearning materials and the ability to download them.

Private Files

Each user has a private files area for uploading and managing a set of files. If enabled by the administrator, users can also email files to their
private files area and manage it.

Custom Reporting

Achieve is equipped with robust reporting features and analytics. You will really take full advantage of the Big Data it offers.

Built-in Authorization

One of the basic features and important criterion of Achieve, through which you can create and conduct quizzes and exams effectively.

Mobile Compatibility

Achieve comes with a built-in web service designed for mobile applications. It is required to run
the official Mobile app.

Full Integration

Institutions can integrate Achieve 
with their own software application.
The concept behind the system
is to develop a fully customizable
learning landscape.


A reminder message can be sent to individuals or to everyone, to complete an assignment or a quiz, when the due date is approaching.

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