Process Automation


Introduction to INTDV Process Automation and Mining

INTDV Process Automation offers an approach for automating manual tasks
in your business. The focus of Process Automation is to carry out these tasks
automatically on the existing software front-end. INTDV Process Automation
focuses on automating tasks that handle unstructured data, and operates on
the same level as an end-user would:

. Repetitive high-volume processes are streamlined
. Manual work is automated
. Experts’ time is saved for more profitable work

Accurate, Scalable Process Automation

INTDV Process Automation makes operations accurate as software robots repeat
the task with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency and they are scalable in accordance
with the demand. All these Automation actions produce data that can be used for
analyzing performance. In order to deploy Process most efficiently, it is first key to
pinpoint the areas and processes where automation would have a huge impact.

Process Mining Comes into the Picture

This is where process mining comes into the picture. Process Mining refers to
the method of using data gathered from information systems for analysis.
As a lot of data is produced by information systems and stored as logs, a lot of
unused data lies dormant. This data contains valuable information on how
each step of the process is carried out and what does it relate to.
Process Mining allows you to get a clear overview on how the process is actually
occurring in your systems and thus enables you to take control of the process
by clarifying points that need improvement.

Why INTDV Process Automation and Mining?

INTDV Process Automation and Mining is an intelligent big data technology
that analyzes and visualizes every process in your organization. It reveals fragility
and makes processes more transparent, faster, and more cost-effective.
INTDV Process Mining leverages the digital footprint left behind by your
IT systems and provides complete transparency into how the processes are
actually working. We help you eliminate: Waste of time, Unmet commitments,
Delayed orders, Undelivered invoices, and Unnecessary steps in your working process.

How we use Process Automation

to help you reach your objectives

The core target of a Process Automation project is to improve efficiency and reduce costs
by automating manual process steps.
Automating processes cannot be initiated without understanding what are the most
profitable areas for automation, and if processes are currently in a suitable state for
a Process Automation project.

What Difference Does INTDV Process Automation and Mining Make?

INTDV Process Automation and process mining will transform the way you get work done.
Bots will work literally in unison with
human workers. Benefits of Process Mining within
Process Automation lifecycle include:

. Provide a complete overview of all processes end-to-end.
. Identify high ROI processes suitable for Process Automation implementation.
. Determine the best-case process flow/process path.
. True Intelligent Process Mining is able to provide ongoing process monitoring
to detect problems, alerting, and ensuring continuous improvement for sustainable
process excellence of Process Automation in the post-implementation phase.

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