Essential Technology Features for Enterprise Logistics Management; a full set of solutions for everyone in your delivery
ecosystem. Reach’s delivery logistics platform provides solutions for every aspect of the complex delivery ecosystem - from the
management team through the in-store and warehouse operations teams, and all the way to drivers and end-customers.

Delivery Operations

Dispatch and track drivers and their communications in real-time. Assign tasks in automatic, grab (driver’s choice) or manual mode, as well as track all orders and resolve issues based on customizable alerts.

Delivery Follow-up

Scale and manage multiple delivery fleets in one centralized view. Analyze and optimize the performance of your fleets and drivers; moreover, optimize routes, schedules and resource allocations in real-time.

Driver Management

Track task & order info and easily navigate to all destinations, as well as communicate directly with managers, dispatch, and customers. They collect necessary payments, signatures, and proof of delivery.

Driver Hands-free Functionality

Customize operational alerts to preemptively solve problems, and ensure better and safer deliveries with hands-free functionality. Key functionality can be embedded in third-party driver apps.

Customer Experience

Customers receive email/SMS linking to an HTML5 web app; track deliveries in real-time on a live map and with live alerts. Furthermore, they can communicate directly with drivers and call center for updates.

Customer Satisfaction

Tip the driver, provide feedback and rate the delivery experience. Track customer satisfaction overall & specific ratings over time. Moreover, it can be fully branded and embedded in any third party site/app.

Warehouse Operations

Stage the warehouse for pickup through scanning and printing. Turn any store into a front warehouse to expand your network. Also, create a single point for customer/driver pickup and drop-off.

Warehouse Procedures

Collect payments and signatures upon pickup and drop-off. Send pickup notifications to customers with codes and map, as well as maintain a complete chain of custody throughout the process.

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